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If your business has a website, a promo video on your opening page is an excellent way to introduce your business. If your opening page has too much text, people will not read it. It has been proven that prospects will watch a video for a longer duration. A business promo video is an excellent method to get your company’s ideas and ethics across to viewers in a short time and is highly effective. Spectacle Cinema has created films for companies like Shell Manufacturing Centre, Adidas,
Variform, Lifestyle Magazine , Royal Lapage, Keller Williams, OBB Corperation, SoMedia, Palace Theatre, Grand Theatre and many other businesses!

Business Promo videos start as low as $995.

Short business Promo videos for web site and social media distribution.

New promotional videos from Spoken Advantage, featuring Sarah Hilton. Sarah is a spoken word coach that will help you present powerpoints , sales pitches, and many other presentations in from of one to 1000 people. Please reach out to Sarah if you are interested in her services.
Master your Spoken Word

Coaching begins with Connection

Captain Kid Days- A film for Shell Manufacturing Centre in Corunna,ON

CaptainKiddParade Edit1_1 from Michael Kovach on Vimeo.

Stevenson Children's Camp

London Head Massage

London Head Massage from Michael Kovach on Vimeo.

Maple Miracles - A film for the Fanshawe Kinsmen Suger Bush near London, Ontario

Boyle Memorial Community Center

Boyle Memorial Center 2014 Olympics from Michael Kovach on Vimeo.

CMC Construction Before and After Renovations

St Joseph's Hospice from Michael Kovach on Vimeo.

KellerWilliamsPromo 1 from Michael Kovach on Vimeo.

Allan Loiselle Workshops from Michael Kovach on Vimeo.